Crawling, falling, squirming, wriggling. Whichever "way" this voyage turns, let me enjoy. When anxiety becomes the only "skill" required by humans for survival, I choose to live without it. You might call it death. Yes, we tag him lazy, this man with his anxiety buried. Who live without the fear of tomorrow. The same who... Continue Reading →



Dear Child, I and your mother just finished cleaning your room. Though, the room is almost empty but the smell of you is not gone. I can smell you, child. The few things left in the room-your books, trolley, box of papers and reading table, reminds me of when you were still here. I picture... Continue Reading →


I was only seven when I ran away from the Saint Paul Orphanage home. That was Christmas eve in 2012. What made me leave is the death of my best friend, whose body we found dangling on the Mango tree behind the dining hall. I still remember his long talks about his wish to have... Continue Reading →


The smell of the broken reminds me of my birth. This smell that has a bit of eucalyptus oil, baby soap and other smell I cannot tell. My spirit was there when mother gave birth to me, I saw all that happened. Then, mother was still young, all her hair black, father slim and lanky.... Continue Reading →


He is scared of freedom because he was born a prisoner. He calls freedom sin because he had long live as slave. Even when the old structure weakens, he keeps holding it up, building still on its foundation. Enslaved. This life is all he had known; a life that is not his. Now, freedom beckons;... Continue Reading →


Judith barely slept last night. She left the hospital around 12:00am and when preparing a file, she slept off on her desk. Back to her office, she had to continue working on the file but had been dozing despite gulping hot coffee, rubbing her eyes and biting her lips. As she travel to and out... Continue Reading →

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