When the soul and the spirit; the whole being of man travels together on the same path and the door of the human world get shut, away from its noise, distractions and the  boast of the flesh. Into the home of the spirit guide, the being with an unbroken link with the creator. Our heart... Continue Reading →



The eye ball in the middle of my forehead; which each day you point to and tell me how abnormal it looks. It's true, I've heard stories of humans who live in this village of the normal, none has a single eye. Your two walking legs and my two wings. Is mine not the story... Continue Reading →


This dry breeze that talks about home, all that happened under its roof and what didn't. Dreams wishes and who the little girl was. Our pale cracked lips, the grasses at the court that crush under my slim little feet and how they prickle my feet when they get dry. In this haven where we... Continue Reading →


Shouldn't there be a class for ''some men'' on how to be a responsible father? So much irresponsible fellows filling up our earth. ......And why does she carry burdens his irresponsible acts bring, stretching beyond limits to hold things up when they are falling apart. During family meeting, my aunt raised her husband's irresponsible acts,... Continue Reading →


They need the influence of a parent and that of a mother is crucial'' a male voice said. There came-in-between a noticeable gap, filled minutes later by a cracky female voice. ''You see it, I am on my feet doing all I can and even more.'' lt is a dull Saturday dawn walking its still... Continue Reading →


It is a sculptor that cast rays on the snapshots of the eyes And by it we are engraved on the walls of time For our acts are not explained by all that the eyes sees And thoughts they are fashioned to drive But by how strong we've fed the sculptor of minds. A truth... Continue Reading →

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