It happened on a cold Sunday morning, rain fell the night before. I had planned to iron my Sunday dress that morning but I found myself snoozing the alarm, rolling from one side of the bed to another, covering even my head with my cover cloth. The cold made my bones weak, I felt like... Continue Reading →


Feel even the Crumbles

Life got broken yesterday and just like a mirror, I can see me through its broken pieces. Though I felt none of the many days which has gone, I hold today a prove I lived through them. The hustle it is called, by it the link got broken: this link that held life together. Then,... Continue Reading →


There is an old man with a frail figure who lives on my street. I long to know how much he knows about life but with his piercing eyes, I feel he can read even my thoughts. I am scared and will dare not go near him or I will feel more naked. I see... Continue Reading →


He lives their shadows, and longs to be them. Today the boy has grown into a man who carries still the pain of yesterday, the load from his past and hunted by his failures. He desire a shift because he had lived like one of those whose lives no one believed in. Then he made... Continue Reading →


I have one of my Childhood picture frames hung beside the electric bell and another a painting of me made by Desmond when he was an apprentice at the painter's workshop, this he decides to place close to the sitting room window for reasons best known to him. To every visitor that comes our home,... Continue Reading →


By 2:00 am that night, Mother came to the sitting room to pick her reading glasses, I was with my phone lying down on the couch. “Is this how you stay up late at school glued to your phone? She asked and entered her room expecting no reply. Behind the window few minutes after Mother... Continue Reading →

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