WHEREVER LOVE WENT and other stories.

This is a free eBook of short stories. Stories about love, life, everyday human challenges and more. I believe in the power of pen and the huge positive difference a story can make when told to the world. Stories improve our world perception, with the right kind of stories we develop a positive world view.... Continue Reading →


When God becomes a Shadow

When God turns into an idea that lives only in our heads and this clear picture we have always had of Him becomes blurry. No one ever gets to hold a shadow, to hold air between his palms. I know a man who get confused and irritated on the subject of God, Science and Evolution.... Continue Reading →

As the Sun sets

One morning we will wake up and become spectators of our lives, for without this we remain strangers to who we really should be. Our lives will unfold and we will be left either to sit in the mud we were born in, inside which our legs are stuck or strive to be free. Life... Continue Reading →

Twin Sister

I remember clearly the evening she died, leaving a void in my heart. Two days after our twelfth birthday, she began coughing, her eyes bloodshot. She rolled on the floor holding her chest, crying to Mom that her chest burns. A foamy liquid poured out of her mouth, she could only breath with her mouth... Continue Reading →

God Wink

When faith and fate both worked for us blind travellers. Despite thorns, thistles, the slippery floor of the forest and human hunters with guns loaded aiming directions where sounds of squashed leaves is heard. For all they know only humans travel the forest and whichever way they would stop them from crossing to the other... Continue Reading →

Don’t Scream.

Have you ever thought about childhood bullies? We dodge Mother's errands because we might meet them on the street. They are our greatest pain and trouble. ...But now, on that same street, we meet them, we wave if we want to and walk away. Have you ever thought about childhood friends? Whose opinions are on... Continue Reading →

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