By 2:00 am that night, Mother came to the sitting room to pick her reading glasses, I was with my phone lying down on the couch. “Is this how you stay up late at school glued to your phone? She asked and entered her room expecting no reply. Behind the window few minutes after Mother entered I heard strange meows of cats, this happened repeatedly and it stopped for few minutes when I covered the screen of my phone with my palm. I felt a cold go through my spine and goose pimples formed on my skin, so I stood and entered my room.
I came home from school last Friday, the journey on the road seem unusually long but listening to the new list of songs I downloaded gave me a bit of relieve. Home was still the same aside one of the broken ties, the pen mark on the wall beside the kitchen door and the damaged tap. Together we took super at 9:00pm amidst jokes, and everyone went to bed almost immediately except me.
…the meow of countless cats and how they came out through Mother’s back window last night, I didn’t sit to think about these, maybe I would have seen how similar mother’s fixed nails and her contact are with the nails and eyes of the ghost that came the next night with invisible cats into my room. We took breakfast and the morning was like the normal morning I have always had at home.
Until night came again.
I listened to music, I replied my mails and slept late, I don’t know the exact time but I felt it was 2:10am.
That night, through the window, a black being entered, with fingernails as sharp as needles, a green liquid flow down its body which never reaches the ground, few inches to the ground it dissolves and form vapors that give stings and very bad smell, it has a sinister look. I have seen few in horror movies, I don’t know they exist in real life. Its head went into the ceiling but I could still see its face. I felt a cold go through my spine again. Everything seem real, unlike a dream. The being has two piercing eyes, a little horn, a tiny nose, a black jacket with a hood and a black staff on its right hand. I saw its sharp teeth as it gave a smile of accomplishment the minute it entered.
With its nail like fingers, a tap was made on my forehead and my head banged. The bag it carried was untied, bugs crawl out and filled the floor, green flames ooze, I could hear strange meows of invisible cats. The ghost emptied the content of the bag on my head and wore the bag on my head, I felt I would die because I choked and the heavy bangs that sounded in my ears could kill. With a full force it’s sharp little horn landed on my head…I gave a sharp scream…
Then someone tapped me, I was surprised it was Mother. “Your scream woke the whole house.” She said
I opened my eyes and saw everyone seated by my bed, it was already 5:10am.
…But Mother’s fixed nails, her lashes and her new contact made me suspect she is the ghost, they both have these in common. Her smile was warm but I will not fall for it, it should be her…those cats came out of her room the other night.


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  1. Lolzzzz. How cud mother be the horror. Ur late night 🌃 u keep keeps ur imagination ur nightmare hunters. U need more sleep than not. Interesting though. Lolz. Kip it up.

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