Our Little Village must not Grow Wide.

Now is the time we all have to get a different mind on racism. Even if history will forever keep its pain and the future will be shaped by history.

A society with a pint of stereotype in it’s system will not thrive. Is it not so lame if we believe we are set on or above a standard by our colour?

It is more than decades but our heart remain under the spell of it’s pain and grief.

The last war will happen soon, one that will make our minds the stage. A war, not from the hatred that became our rights from long time oppression.

Do you know what the best day of existence will be?

The day humans grow to see their differences as what they ought to celebrate. When an American dresses in Burnous or Kanzu, he must not be made to feel he is making a group of humans feel happy or he is removing off their faces masks.

…And an African who speaks a language which is not his, must not be looked at as one of the humans that still carry the pain of slavery.

Racism as brought it’s pain but the best world will be made when our differences are seen as what paints the world the colours of the rainbow, what makes the world enchanting.

We wouldn’t be different and the world populace will not die of boredom.

This place is just a little village that has grown wide from our uncelebrated differences and stereotypes. Our little village must not grow wide.

Expecting your always beautiful comments.


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