On the Eve of the new year, we all pictured the best the coming year would be.

The night of our resolutions, a long list of what to quit, an image of the new us, fixed minds, unwavering and passionate souls. Swords sharpened for war, diggers that will dig to depth of treasures and edge axes.

After a terrible story of horrible creatures, dragons, crocodiles and beasts along the way to the castle of diamonds, don’t we still stand firm that night? With the word “It is coming soon and would be different.”

Two weeks now gone and the end draws near as each day break and night comes.

Do you remain the passionate, ardent being, who still stand on the new year resolutions? Who is still on the journey to the castle of diamonds?  Is the heart full of passion kept intact or has it been thrown off? Are you still traveling or swayed by happenings.

Work on and keep your resolutions!

Live today the way you will tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes and when it comes at all it comes as today.

Stand on your resolutions as long as they are positive. Start to Work on them, now.

Expecting your always beautiful comments.



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